Elevation Outdoors iPad magazine for iPad, Android, Mac and PC

Check Digital Magazine Price US DollarCheck Digital Magazine Price UK GBP SterlingElevation Outdoors is that piece of Americana that never forgets the legendary allure of the Wild West, albeit on a more professional perspective, offering climbing folks and pros a lesson on how to prepare, where to go and when to go. It is also a very balanced magazine that never fails to mention what a lady climber ought to carry along, be it  high boots, a tight rope or a bonnet to ward off the elements. If you are only familiar with the Colorado ridged terrain and the Rocky Mountains or even the Grand Canyon, in literature or in the documentary movies, then it is time to hit the road. Believe it that you won’t forget the interesting mixture of snow-capped heights during winter, and sandy terraces of the canyon, during summer. Either way, all the gear that makes for such a trip is here in one edition. If you like quality but practical literature on the niche, then here are unforgettable razor-sharp glimpses into Colorado climbing from the best feature writers who have amassed awards.

Treat yourself to a good photographic memory of all poignant sporting moments thanks to the online version of Elevation Outdoors, now extending a discounted subscription. Save 56% now on the past 10 editions.

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