Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine iPad & Digital Subscription

Ellery Queen Mystery Magazines iPad Digital SubscriptionIt’s a dark and stormy night and there’s a chill in the air. As you move to stoke the fire in the fireplace you hear a creaking noise outside yourCheck Digital Magazine Price UK GBP SterlingCheck Digital Magazine Price US Dollar window. Your heart freezes as the tapping at the window continues. Tap. Tap. Tap. Your mind flashes back to the news bulletin posted earlier, the news bulletin that warned homeowners in the area that an escaped convict has been seen lurking in the woods. Your eyes shoot to the dark trees in the distance. The same woods the convict was last seen.

You are frozen in place as the tapping intensifies as the wind gusts around the manor and the rain continues to pound on the roof. Suddenly the lights flicker and then go out completely. The only light is the glow of the fireplace. And you decide, it’s time for a good book. If you are a mystery lover, The Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine is sure to give you plenty to read. The oldest crime-fiction publication, The Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine was first published in 1941.

Whether you prefer the locked room mysteries, historical, cozy mysteries, psychological suspense or contemporary you’ll find something for you in this magazine. Also inside the magazine you’ll find a mystery crossword puzzle and a book review column. With ten issues published each year and available for download to your computer, Android phone or iPad you can take the mystery with you wherever you go. You’ll no longer have to face the prospect of a boring car or plane ride with a good mystery, or a few good mysteries, in your hand.


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