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EON magazine ipad and digital magazine subscriptionEON Magazine iPad Subscription, Eve Online Magazine – Eon magazine is a full color digital publication devoted to the hugely popularCheck Digital Magazine Price UK GBP SterlingCheck Digital Magazine Price US Dollar multiplayer online sci-fi game, Eve Online. First published in autumn of 2005, it contains a diverse mix of articles dedicated solely to the computer game. Eve Online is the first MMO (massive multiplayer online) game that has been supported by a magazine. Inside each issue you’ll find regular features such as Upfront (news stories about current events in and around the game), In Crowd (interviews with members of the game’s development team), Chronicles (fan fiction written by players of the game) and In Character (role-playing style interview profiles of prominent players of the game written from their characters’ perspectives). You’ll also read features about upcoming expansions, notable fan sites, etc., a section titled Testflight (a ‘product review’ of in game ships conducted by Eon’s ‘test pilot’) and Insider’s Guides (strategy guides and playing tips focusing on certain areas of game play).

In recent years, there have been some additional features added like Alliance Profiles (profiles of the game’s premier alliances), Eve Quarterly Report (an update of the current ‘state of the game’ in statistical format) and Eve Directory (a collection of themed web resources for the game). Get into the game and get yourself a digital magazine subscription to Eon!

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