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ESPN magazine ipad digital subscriptionWith a digital magazine subscription to ESPN The Magazine, viewable on your PC, Android, iPad or Mac, you’ll not only be celebrating sports,Check Digital Magazine Price UK GBP Sterling
Check Digital Magazine Price US Dollar but also the lifestyle and culture that is such a huge part of them. In addition to that, ESPN The Magazine has hooked up with the people of Insider to make a supergroup for sports content, and it’s all available to you as a digital magazine subscriber. You’ll gain access to audio files, video clips, slideshows, fantasy previews for each major sporting event and much more! With the combined forces of traditional next level analysis and unique storytelling and insight, ESPN The Magazine will give you numbers to back up your arguments with your friends, it will bring you closer to the world off athletes on and off the field, and it will continue bringing readers regular content such as the NASCAR blog and “Behind the Bets.”

So get the official data to back up your sports knowledge and take your level of fanaticism to a whole new level with ESPN The Magazine and gain the insight to wow your friends with your newfound sports knowledge.

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