Evo Supercar Directory iPad & Digital Magazine Edition

evo supercar directory ipad magazine subscriptionWho would win in a drag race Batman or James Bond? Or, maybe you’re more of a Grease Lightning type racer. If you could drive any car from anyCheck Digital Magazine Price UK GBP SterlingCheck Digital Magazine Price US Dollar film in history which car would you choose? If these questions can keep you and your friends debating all night, the Evo Supercar Directory may be up your alley, or perhaps your race track! Evo Supercar Directory is over 200 pages of the coolest cars in existence from Jaguars and Ashton Martins to Ferraris and Alfas.

Readers will enjoy head-to-head races, amazing photography and details about all of their dream rides. Back your friendly debates up with cold hard facts about these fantasy cars from horsepower to camber angles, to differentials and directional stability. Your friends won’t be able to argue when you flout your new-found brilliance. If that doesn’t work, pull out the magazines and distract them with the pretty pictures.

This directory is a must have for car enthusiasts and dreamers alike. Evo Supercar Directory is released annually and is available for download on your computer, android phone or iPad.

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