Ferrari Supercars Magazine iPad & Digital 3rd Edition

Ferrari Supercars 3rd Edition iPad Magazine EditionWhat do Ferris Bueller, Thomas Magnum, and Sonny Crockett have in common? They all drove, some without permission, one of the hottestCheck Digital Magazine Price UK GBP SterlingCheck Digital Magazine Price US Dollar cars of all time: the Ferrari. The Ferrari has become a status symbol for the cool, rolling in the dough, but still fun driver. If the thought of owning a Ferrari gets your heart pumping, you’ll enjoy Evo’s annual magazine: Ferrari Supercars. Whether you enjoy the race cars of the street legal autos, you’ll find everything you need to know about this car. Each edition is updated to include the newest and hottest Ferraris on the market. From refurbs to new releases you’ll have access to the latest news.

Car experts lend their experience and write entertaining, fact-filled articles inviting you into the world of the Ferrari. Ferrari Supercars features restoration stories, stunning photography, and comprehensive road test results.

The third edition of this magazine is available for download on your computer, Android phone or iPad. An edition for the iPhone is expected to be available soon. With this digital version you can access your favorite stories and photos any time.

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