Focus Exposures Digital, Ipad, Android Subscription

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Focus Exposures Digital, Ipad, Android SubscriptionCheck Digital Magazine Price US DollarFocus Exposures Check Digital Magazine Price UK GBP Sterlingis a publication dedicated to bringing to prominence photographers who have yet to etch their names in the realm of photography. This dedication to giving unsung photographers their well-deserved exposure is inspired by the Camera Work Magazine of the acclaimed photographer Alfred Steigletz, who only showcased in his magazine nameless photographers during his time.

Expect skin, curves, shadow and light and all the other elements that creatively shape nude art in its exposed glory. The nude art form holds special to this art magazine, and it highlights some of the greatest unknown creative photographers of nude art photos.

If you are a big fan of nude art, nude art photography or of photography itself, then this magazine is a must-have (!) especially since Focus Exposure has come up with something special for its latest issue – the 2013 Collector’s Digital Edition! This 350+-page premiere edition is a treasure trove of photography by photographers from across the globe.

Focus Exposures is digitally available and can be digitally downloaded using various platforms including iPad, Mac, PC and Android. Subscribe now and save 30% off the Newsstand price.

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