Game Informer iPad Magazine Subscription for iPad, Android, Mac and PC

Game Informer Digital MagazineCheck Digital Magazine Price US DollarCheck Digital Magazine Price UK GBP SterlingIn third quarter 1991, Game Informer, the largest gaming issue in the US, and the number three best seller in the country, in all magazine categories, launched. It is now the first stop for enthusiasts of retro and all kinds of modern video engagements. Traditionally, since it initiated with only half a dozen pages, it has remained a source for news, actual engagements and behind-the-scenes reports from the production world. Interestingly, the journal, that comes out every four weeks, also features a strategy segment, one of the most important for any professional gamer out there. For those already in the video game sector, the publication is an essential cradle of data concerning the newest releases in console technology, as well as, what is happening in the online and brick-and-mortar casino markets. The online archives for Retro Gamer are a treasure trove of all previous editions that have come up since the magazine began in slightly above two decades.

Game Informer has now gone digital and is offering discounted subscription to its readers. You can now opt for a year-long compilation of a dozen issues to attract a saving margin of 67% off the retail value at any newsstand. The magazine is now available on an iPad, iPhone, Mac, Android or PC subscription format.

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