Gardeners’ World July Digital Magazine

Gardeners' World Digital MagazineThis month’s issue of Gardeners’ World magazine helps you plant with bees in mind. Learn 65 ways to check-price-sterlingmake your garden check-price-dollarideal for pollination, including 48 perennial plants perfect for bees. Make your plants bee-friendly all year, learn how to find solitary bees, and find out why the population of these insects is declining and what you can do to help. Also in this issue, tips on pruning apples and pears, organic weed control, healthy herbs, and patio plants. Gardeners’ World teaches you how to make the most of July with a debate on the pros and cons of roses, advice on planting hydrangeas, and the best water gardens to visit this month. All this and more from Gardeners’ World, available now.

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