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Golf Digest Digital, Ipad, Android SubscriptionCheck Digital Magazine Price US DollarGolf Digest is the golf Check Digital Magazine Price UK GBP Sterlingauthority, dedicated to empowering modern-day golfers by providing industry updates, expert tips and techniques, golf events information, golfing equipment and product reviews, and features of panoramic and top-ranking golf courses around the world.

Each month, the publication brings to its readers instructional tips and how-to articles written by an unrivaled team of the best golf pros and exclusive instruction from the leading pros in golf, such as Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson. It even includes a personalized instruction section and Pocket Tips that you can conveniently bring with you wherever you play. The reviews and rankings of golf equipment are also useful for golfers in making informed buying decisions. Besides golf gear rankings, the magazine is also the authority when it comes to golf course rankings.

The latest issue features Tiger Woods and his 5 New Lessons, which is one of the topics discussed in the How-to section. The Lesson Tee section spotlights Lee Westwood, one of the most consistent players in the PGA Tour, and the Butch Harmon article shows how to start the downswing. Hot List: Golf Balls and What’s in My Bag are the helpful reviews covered in the Equipment section. The reader can also get insights from the Columns section, such as Golf Saved My Life, and more.

Golf Digest is digitally available and can be downloaded using various platforms, including iPad, Android, Mac and PC. Digitally subscribe now and save 67% off the Newsstand price.


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