Gramophone Magazine iPad and Digital Magazine Subscription

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gramophone magazine ipad digital subscriptionGramophone Magazine iPad and Digital Magazine Subscription – The UK’s favorite magazine dedicated to classical music, Gramophone, isCheck Digital Magazine Price UK GBP SterlingCheck Digital Magazine Price US Dollar now available for digital download to iPads, laptops and Androids. You’ll receive 13 digital issues per year with a digital magazine subscription, all of which hope to enhance and enrich your classical music listening experience. Discover great classical recordings you probably haven’t heard of, read hundreds of album reviews, read interviews with stars in the classical music genre and get in depth coverage of concerts and CDs. Gramophone digital magazine is not known as the magazine with the world’s best classical music reviews for nothing. Each month in Gramophone you’ll read articles like “Eric Whitacre: From YouTube to chapel: the composer’s compelling sound world,” “John Adams: What being alive in modern America sounds like,” “The Greatest Halls of the New Millennium,” “Harrison Birtwistle: Why the modern radical is entranced by John Dowland” and “Brahms’s Glorious Yet Troubled Third: Which recording of his most personal symphony to own?” Discover new facts about composers like Schubert, Delius the Cosmopolitan Composer, Bartok the Hungarian Maverick and Stravinsky and get deep into their minds and lives with Gramophone.

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