Gripped: The Climbing Magazine Subscription for iPad, Android, Mac and PC

Check Digital Magazine Price US DollarCheck Digital Magazine Price UK GBP SterlingGripped: The Climbing Magazine is a hobby magazine for climbing enthusiasts. A new issue is released once every two months in both print and digital versions.
Gripped predominantly runs four types of features. The first is articles by climbers describing their experiences climbing in specific areas or mountains. These can include, among other things, emotional reactions, climbing techniques, as well as the development of a climbing area over time. These articles feature beautiful illustrations of the places they describe, and some will also outline useful tips for visiting the area such as places to eat, activities, and accommodations.
Secondly, Gripped features news articles. These are mainly about famous climbers or climbers at the top of the sport. They include topics such as climbing accidents, new training regiments for climbers, climbing techniques, and new media that is being generated on the topic of climbing such as documentary films.The RackĀ is a section that features reviews of climbing equipment. Senior Editor Gus Alexandropoulos talks about everything from belays to helmets to climbing clothes. Most reviews will feature several products that have a similar purpose. For example, one may find a review on helmets or one on gear for climbing in winter weather. The reviews also tend to be positive: they focus on what Alexandropoulos considers the best products on the market rather than on those he believes need to be avoided.
Finally, there is a Photo of the Month section that focuses on stunning views or impressive climbs. This is in addition to the magazine’s already large selection of impressive photography, making Gripped a good source for photography enthusiasts as well.
Overall, Gripped is geared towards those with a serious passion for climbing. It is a good publication to turn to if you are looking to build your vacation around a climbing trip or if you are or hope to be a professional climber.

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