H Para Hombres iPad Magazine Subscription for iPad, Android, Mac and PC

H Para HombresCheck Digital Magazine Price US DollarCheck Digital Magazine Price UK GBP SterlingH Para Hombres has a unique chic as far as radical sexuality is concerned for it presents men the feminine grace, sex appeal and other girlish pieces of cake they would like to see or read about in their own magazine. This is not all there is to the magazine however. It is a celebration of what is entertaining and cutting-edge. If it is the picture of models on the catwalk or Mexican songstresses, the readers will get them crystal clear. It is also a sporting publication that spills all the information on football, hockey, American leagues and other games to succor that masculine feeling of glory. There are also sections of health and fitness besides the inevitable slice of the cosmopolitan: fashion. Perhaps the most alluring thing about these month-by-month editions is that they carry exclusive profiles of Mexican beauty queens preferably on the celebrity list, in poses that any man would want to see them in. H Para Hombres has an online version that is replete with petite pictures form back in the day since the first issue to today.

H Para Hombres has gone digital and is extending a discounted subscription. Obtain all the 12 copies of this Espanola publication at an aggregate $22 thus saving 25% off the hook. Read it on via Mac magazine subscription, Android, PC, iPhone subscription and iPad subscription.

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