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harpers magazine for ipad digital subscriptionHarper’s Magazine for iPad an Digital edition – The second oldest continually published magazine, Harper’s Magazine, has joined theCheck Digital Magazine Price UK GBP Sterling
Check Digital Magazine Price US Dollar times and entered the digital realm. Download a digital magazine subscription to your iPad, Mac, Android or PC and start reaping the benefits almost instantly. Harper’s Magazine, a predominantly left wing publication, always brings the latest news on everything from literature and politics to finances and the arts. Geared towards brainy, serious readers, Harper’s Magazine has been called lengthy, thoughtful, controversial, substantive and sublime. You get the picture! Inside each issue you’ll read essays, fiction, memoirs, in depth reports, book reviews and more. Also of note are the beautiful illustrations that accompany the pieces. These illustrations are sometimes photographic, and always stunning.

So bring some passion and elegance into your life and subscribe to Harper’s Magazine so you can start enjoying the great features, fascinating collections, and much more. And we mustn’t forget “The Index” which is Harper’s Magazine’s most popular feature. “The Index” is a bunch of facts and figures that tell a story statistically. As dull as that makes “The Index” sound, it is in fact a much loved and looked forward to section that entertains and humors readers of all ages and backgrounds, as does the rest of this magazine turned institution.

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