Hola! iPad Magazine, Digital Subscription for iPad, Android, Mac and PC

Hola Magazine DigitalCheck Digital Magazine Price US DollarCheck Digital Magazine Price UK GBP SterlingHola! Magazine, Hello in English, has a rich history with even a purple sprinkling of royalty news in it since its inception in 1944 and initial issue in 1948. It updates, informs and gossips on behalf of the modern reader in Spanish variations, all surrounding popular culture. Know more about what is cutting edge in the world of the Argentine, Mexican, Peruvian, Brazilian and other Spanish countries’ celebrity realms that have a separate edition each. Also learn behind-the-scenes happenings about royalty stories in the UK, where there is an edition, and glean the facts on women and culture in Canadian and Russian editions. There is something for everyone with a mind enslaved to entertaining, rave and informing content, all inside glamorous pages. You can now get 52 past issues of the magazine in its current online database at U$98.99 only. Indeed the one million subscribers who purchase Hola!, and its family each week around the globe can only be an affirmation of why it makes it to the top two of the most beloved magazines in Spain!

Hola! Magazine has now gone digital in subscription. Take advantage of the 20% offer on every copy off the newsstand cost. Besides, you can opt to buy the current issue at $2.38 and read it on Android subscription, iPhone, PC, Mac or iPad magazine subscription.

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