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How It Works Digital, Ipad, Android SubscriptionCheck Digital Magazine Price UK GBP SterlingHow It Works is Check Digital Magazine Price US Dollarcommitted to satiate the curious by explaining various fascinating stuffs about the world we live in, from 3D printers and smart phones to laser trucks and elevators; from epidurals and age spots to the World War II German U-boats; from jaguars and crater lakes to diamond stars and Saturn’s aurora.

Each issue is packed with guides and expert information, with parts devoted to transportation, the environment, science, technology, space and history. All these engrossing topics are made more interesting with full illustrations and are explained by a team of writers who are experts in their own fields. They can be surgeons, botanists, science buffs, car pundits, and more.

Enthralling topics explained in the latest issue include Hypercars; World’s Biggest Container Ship; Firestorms; Rainforest Layers; Incredible Buildings, which talks about disaster-proof buildings; Google Data Centers; Toxic Science, which traces the origins of toxins and why they are harmful; The Neck, talks about the vital anatomy inside the human neck; Space Probes, Milestones… The First Person in Space; U-Boats; and Celtic Homes, which takes its readers to a tour around a traditional Celtic abode to give you a glimpse of how people live there. With this rich mix of subject matters, curious readers can indulge and indeed feed their minds.

Published 13 times a year, How It Works is digitally available and can be downloaded using various platforms, including iPad, Android, Mac and PC. Digitally subscribe now and enjoy 29% savings off the Newsstand price.

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