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ibusiness ipad magazine digital subscriptioni.Business Magazine iPad Digital Magazine Subscription – iBusiness The first Apple related business magazine has arrived on the market inCheck Digital Magazine Price UK GBP Sterling
Check Digital Magazine Price US Dollar the form of i.Business! Other Apple related publications are geared towards consumers and retail, but this magazine has a new focus: Apple business solutions. Businesses that are using Apple technology, or that are hoping to convert from Windows, will benefit from this magazine.

The articles in i.Business show solution-oriented approaches to workplace issues such as productivity and workflow management. These tips and tricks are coming from industry experts with great track records. Some of the vertical markets i.Business covers include Retail, Real Estate, Medical/Healthcare, Security & Surveillance and much more! Articles include titles like “Apps and Macs for Lawyers,” “Construction Made Simple with iPad,” and “Design on the Go!”

Your business will benefit from the information found in this magazine regardless of how large or small your workforce is. Learn about new business tools and development, enterprise solutions, and up to date technical info. The i.Business magazine also includes interviews with heavies in the industry such as Apple Evangelist Guy Kawasaki.

Don’t let your business fall behind! Order your digital magazine subscription of i.Business today and save 46% off the cover price. This subscription consists of 6 issues and is viewable on your PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad and Android.


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