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indie game magazine ipad digital magazine subscription downloadIndie Game Magazine iPad Digital Magazine Subscription and download. Do you love video games? Are you the leader in your groupCheck Digital Magazine Price UK GBP Sterling
Check Digital Magazine Price US Dollar when it comes to playing and introducing new games? Have you been wishing for a comprehensive guide to the best indie and underground video games? Well it’s finally here!

Check out all of the games that were at the Independent Game Festival and Developer’s Conference, read in depth interviews with Cipher Prime Studios, Wolfire and MinMax game, and get all the inside dirt on the latest and greatest indie video games with The Indie Game Magazine!

In each issue you’ll find current reviews on indie games like Blurst, A Reckless Disregard for Gravity, Critter Crunch, Limbo, Puzzle Bots, Overgrowth and many more. With very few advertisements, Top 10 countdowns, exclusive behind the scenes news and content, plus a Website Insider login, you’re sure to win with The Indie Game Magazine.

This independent owned magazine is ready to review and report on all the indie and casual games out there. So support the little guys and the guys who write about them by purchasing your digital magazine subscription to The Indie Game Magazine today! This subscription consists of 6 issues and is available now for 50% off the newsstand price. Your digital subscription is viewable on a PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad and Android.


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