International Tattoo Art Magazine iPad & Digital Subscription

international tattoo art magazine ipad digital magazine subscriptionInternational Tattoo Art Magazine iPad & Digital Magazine Subscription and download for iPad, Mac, PC and Android. Whether youCheck Digital Magazine Price UK GBP Sterling
Check Digital Magazine Price US Dollar are preparing for your first tattoo or your twenty first, you need artwork and designs that are right for you. Along with International Tattoo Art’s high quality photos, you will also be able to satisfy your curiosity with information and articles dealing with the significant historical aspects of body art in society. It’s a good blend of eye candy and substantial articles.

This magazine has been around for a long time and continues to meet the demands of its readers. They’ll keep you up to date on who’s who in the tattoo world and what’s hot at the moment. In addition to its entertainment value and plethora of pictures, you’ll get in depth tattoo artist profiles and convention coverage. You’re sure to love International Tattoo Art for both browsing pictures and reading.

This magazine really reaches out and gives you an international feel for body art. You’ll read about conventions overseas and tattoo artists all over the world. Start your digital magazine subscription to International Tattoo Art today and save 65% off the newsstand price. This digital subscription consists of 12 monthly issues, all of which are viewable on your PC, Mac, Android and iPad.


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