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Interweave Knits Digital, Ipad, Android SubscriptionCheck Digital Magazine Price US DollarInterweave Knits is the Check Digital Magazine Price UK GBP Sterlingdefinitive magazine for knitting enthusiasts designed to inspire and galvanize readers to start on a project to create beautiful wearable apparels or adorable and practical quick gift items.

Each quarterly issue is packed with beautiful and smart designs and engrossing projects for all knitting skill levels, step-by-step knitting guide, self-explanatory illustrations and animated articles that inspire and help you unravel more about knitting and the knitting world.

Projects range from the quick and easy to the complicated and challenging so that whether you are an aspiring knitter or a veteran, you can have a project to work on. The projects are always visually attractive usually involving wearable items that you can actually wear and not look bizarre, an avant-garde fashion project that will stretch your creative limits, as well as non-apparel quick-to-make stuff that you can give as a gift, such as baby hats, novelty purses and felted backpacks. The composition of the projects are also balanced to provide for both genders of any knitting expertise level.

Featured in the latest issue are: Everyday Gems, a yarn review of free and easy silk blends; Pret-a-Tricoter, spotlighting Spike Gillespie; Transforming a Lace Motif, discussing a project that is beyond the basics; and 21 Relaxed Styles for Summer Knitting.

Interweave Knits is digitally available and can be downloaded using various platforms, including iPad, Android, Mac, and PC. Digitally subscribe now and save 50% off the Newsstand price.


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