Kronicle Backcountry Snowboarding iPad Magazine for iPad, Android, Mac and PC

Check Digital Magazine Price US DollarCheck Digital Magazine Price UK GBP SterlingKronicle Backcountry Snowboarding is an American magazine that has everything that ice, snow and mountain have in common. It is indeed a combination of lifestyle stories surrounding the snowboarding milieu.  It features challenges that pit humans who make bold reconnaissance on unexploited terrains several hundred or thousand feet off the ground during the winter season. Unlike mountain climbing with its support gear, like ropes and hitching accessories, the only weapon here is the skating gear that keeps the snow and ice on the gravitational path. There are also features in the magazine supplemented by photographs which narrate  how the pros make it against all the odds of nature, in such snowboarding encounters. This is also an exploration copy for those whose hearts beat for the undiscovered and still-waiting-to-be conquered snowy ridges.

The online version of Kronicle Backcountry Snowboarding has all the information that is of a newsworthy character for all those interested in this daring sport, while also archiving all past issues of the publication. Reading formats available for the magazine include iPhone, iPad, Mac, Android and PC magazine subscriptions.

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