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Linux User & Developer Digital, Ipad, Android SubscriptionCheck Digital Magazine Price UK GBP SterlingLinux User & Check Digital Magazine Price US DollarDeveloper is the peerless open source publication in the UK that exclusively focuses on the information requirements of Linux professionals and IT decision makers.

Each monthly issue is loaded with reviews of the latest hardware, hottest tutorials, fascinating features, and tons of information and inspiration that every GNU/Linux pro will appreciate and find useful in widening his know-how and doing a better job as an IT expert. The publication also turns the spotlight on notable companies that have established their businesses with the use of OpenSource software, as well as on the front-running personalities in the GNU/Linux arena.

The latest monthly issue provides a 14-page Python special with its cover story Python Masterclass – Everything You Need to Start Writing Programs Today. Other features include: Raspberry Pi Jamboree 2013, which takes its readers inside RasPi’s biggest ever event; System Admin Expert Guide – Start a Career in Open Source; The Ultimate RSS Reader Revealed, which reviews RSSOwl , Liferea, Blam and Akregator. There’s also Make a Wiki with Doku Wiki in the Tutorials section; Rock, Paper, Scissors with Python in the Developer Tutorials and tons of software and related geek toys in the Reviews Section, like: MiraBox, FreeNAS, Bitcraze Crazyflie, Pardus 2013, and more.

Linux User and Developer is digitally available and can be downloaded on multiple platforms, including iPad, Android, Mac and PC. Bear in mind that covermount items or add-ons that may be included with printed editions are not included in digital versions.


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