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mens journal magazine ipad digital subscriptionMen’s Journal magazine is one of the top selling mens magazines we offer on sale right now, you won’t be disappointed. From the owners ofCheck Digital Magazine Price UK GBP SterlingCheck Digital Magazine Price US Dollar both Rolling Stone magazine and Us Weekly, Men’s Journal features some of the best stories from around the globe. Covering topics such as gadgets and gear, travel and vacations, health and fitness, sports, food and drink, adventure, style and clothing as well as motoring and tech. The adventure section really shows off a diverse collection of travel writing, adventure stories and vacation ideas to really get the brain spinning in to overdrive – inspirational places and stunning photography on every page. Men’s Journal for the iPad is a real mix of genres, and a great magazine to just pick up regardless of what you’re into, there really is something for everyone in here, and at least a few articles you’ll enjoy. There are always articles about awesome cars, exciting tech and industry news you may have missed, keeping you up to date once a month with everything you might be interested in.

Some of the articles in this month’s edition include: “The Storm King – chasing tornadoes with CNN”, “Japan’s Craft Beer Boom – some new sake breweries”, “Exotic Foods Online – from salami to caviar”, “Great Late Summer Adventures – five northern excursions, fishing and hiking”, “Biking’s Rough New Frontier – gruelling races over rocky terrain”, “Right Stuff, Wrong Time – Nasa in depth”, “The Hill Sprint Workout”, “Charlie Trotter” and “Fast Fuel – maximising your performance with gels, beans and chews.”

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