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mental floss ipad magazine digital subscription downloadMental Floss ipad magazine digital subscription (Mental_Floss) Do you want to learn obscure facts, but are sick of reading time consuming, Check Digital Magazine Price UK GBP Sterling
Check Digital Magazine Price US Dollarboring articles to find them? Do you like bad puns, trivia and irreverent articles? Then mental_floss is just what you’re looking for. Launched in 2001, this publication set out to present quirky facts in a funny way, all while actually making you smarter. Regular features include “scatter_brained” which includes trivia, anecdotes and obscure facts. Next up is “right_brain” where right-brained topics such as literature and art can be found. The “left_brain”section focuses on logical subjects like science. And “spinning the_globe” rounds things off with articles focused on teaching its readers about the cultures, religions and history from around the world.

With articles from “How Beer Built the Pyramids” to “7 Folks Whose Death Notices Helped Their Careers,” you are sure to be educated and entertained. The current readership of mental_floss is around 2.5 million in over 17 countries and growing.

This magazine will respect your intelligence, but doesn’t take itself too seriously. From high school students to senior citizens, mental_floss is keeping readers engaged. Get your 6 issue digital magazine subscription today at 40% off the cover price. The digital subscription is viewable on PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad and Android.

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