Metal Hammer Magazine iPad Subscription & Digital Download

metal hammer magazine ipad digital subscriptionMetal Hammer digital magazine is a monthly heavy metal music publication in the United Kingdom. Its articles feature mainstream bandsCheck Digital Magazine Price UK GBP SterlingCheck Digital Magazine Price US Dollar and more obscure acts from the broad heavy metal spectrum of music. It is the largest selling metal music magazine in the UK and is often thought to be the most underground magazine of its kind.

A digital magazine subscription to Metal Hammer will cover everything in the world of heavy metal music. Every issue includes concert reviews, interviews, music and industry news, and a wealth of inside information on the biggest metal bands from around the world. The contributing writers know and love heavy metal music and their passion is sure to ignite yours.

The irreverent and humorous tone makes it an entertaining read that you’ll have trouble tearing yourself away from. Regular features include a tattoo section, classic album covers, a monthly question pool result, and an interview section. Of course there are also album ratings and a DVD and book review section that covers anything metal. You’ll even read a feature in which a different musician explains how a specific album changed his life in each issue. Go hard and go with Metal Hammer.


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