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mini magazine ipad digital magazine subscriptionMini iPad Magazine and Digital Magazine Subscription – Fans of the Mini Cooper are going to adore Mini magazine as a digital magazineCheck Digital Magazine Price UK GBP SterlingCheck Digital Magazine Price US Dollar subscription. And there’s nothing ‘mini’ about the content of this great publication! Are you interested in the differences between the first and last produced Minis? Follow along with Marc Stretton as he pokes around in every nook and cranny to see how the Mini evolved over its lifetime. Do you wish to celebrate the Minis 50th anniversary? Join Darrin Butcher and Jenny Clapinson as they build a perfect tribute to the Minis 50th anniversary with “a nod to the first Mini, a hint of the last, the best of the rest, and a wishlist of the latest aftermarket tricks.” In addition to the great articles and projects, you’ll also join the debate in questions such as “Millionth Mini, or Not?” in which questions arise over the “millionth Mini” discovery. You’ll also delve into the history of the Mini in articles like “Before the Cooper: Early Go-Fast Minis” in which Mark Forster demonstrates that although John Cooper may have become the most popular tuner of the Mini, he wasn’t the first. Add to all that the wonderful tutorials on everything from rust removal to twin turbos and you’ll be ready for a not-so-mini celebration with Mini magazine!

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