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music tech magazine ipad and digital magazine subscriptionMusic Tech Magazine iPad & Digital Magazine Subscription – Music Tech magazine is an awesome digital magazine subscription that isCheck Digital Magazine Price UK GBP SterlingCheck Digital Magazine Price US Dollar geared towards music engineers, producers and musicians that contains the best of the best advice from experts and insider tips. It also includes reviews of recording equipment and contains informative articles and tutorials (called Software Workshops) on all aspects of making music using popular recording applications like Live, Cubase, Reason, Sonar, Logic Pro and Pro Tools. One of the many popular regular features in Music Tech is a two-page spread called the “Ten Minute Masters” which gives readers an in depth look at a different technical area of the music industry each month. These articles are useful for both beginners and pros and everyone in between. Learn to make your own remixes or mashups, modify your condenser microphone to make it sound amazing, discover how to work with MIDI, learn how to create the infamous wobble effect with Logic Pro’s Dubstep Bass, read reviews on specialized gear such as DAV Electronics Broadhurst Gardens No.1U, RME’s Fireface UCX, Lewitt LCT 640 and Yellow Matter Steven Slate Drums 4; you’ll get all of this and much more in each of the twelve digital issues of Music Tech!

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