Mysteries of the Ancient World Digital Magazine and Download

mysteries of the ancient world digital magazine downloadMysteries of the Ancient World Digital Magazine and Download. If you’re curious about questions like “What killed King Tut?” “Who wroteCheck Digital Magazine Price UK GBP Sterling
Check Digital Magazine Price US Dollar the Dead Sea Scrolls?” and “Who built Stonehenge and Why?” then the Smithsonian’s magazine, Mysteries of the Ancient World, is just right for you. Learn the secrets of the Parthenon, explore the enigma that is Easter Island and solve the puzzle of Petra.

With articles like “New Light on Stonehenge,” “Raising Alexandria,”“Hapshepsut: The Queen Who would be King,” and “Vikings: Raiders or Traders?” you will truly unlock the mysteries of the ancient world with this collector’s edition magazine. It consists of more than 100 pages with fascinating articles, new findings, and stunning photography.

Dive underwater and discover Alexander the Great’s 2,000 year old settlement of Alexandria, dig inside the circle of Stonehenge for the first time in 44 years, and find the island of Ithaca where Homer’s wanderer returned after the Odyssey. You will travel into the ancient world from the comfort of your armchair with Mysteries of the Ancient World.

This one issue collector’s edition is available as a digital magazine subscription. this digital version is available for viewing on your PC, Mac, Android and iPad. Start unlocking the secrets of the past with Mysteries of the Ancient World.

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