NME iPad Magazine for iPad, Android, Mac and PC

New Musical Express Digital MagazineCheck Digital Magazine Price US DollarCheck Digital Magazine Price UK GBP SterlingNew Musical Express, or NME magazine is the numero uno copy that every rock fanatic on the planet, whether for indie rock, alternative or any new genre other than rock should go for, having a track record dating back to 1952, the year of its initial issue. From David Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust master album of the 70’s to today’s rising stars, there is no serious rock act that has never graced the magazine’s cover. In 70s, the journalistic style of the newspaper-magazine in one, made it the Bible of punk at its most politically mature form. Now, NME reinforces its grip on the musical scene with arguably the largest independent music site on the globe, which is a virtual tribute to upcoming musicians. It is replete with ratings, interviews, reviews and back thrusts to acts that once made the music scene the booming wanderlust it is for fans today. The photographs of rock groups are simply breathtaking!

Now, NME is on a digital platform with subscription extension that offers good discounts. You can now get a discount of 37% off the past 51 issues of the week-by-week compilation at 79.99 sterling Pounds. The magazine is also available in many digital versions, including on an iPhone subscription, iPad, PC subscription, Mac and Android magazine subscription.

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