Now iPad Magazine for iPad, Android, Mac and PC

Now Digital MagazineCheck Digital Magazine Price US DollarCheck Digital Magazine Price UK GBP SterlingFor all the dirt, grit, glamour, fashion, fiction and news that make ours the most iconic planet ever, then ‘Now’ is the magazine that never goes off beat for its readers. The fashion segment features photography that encapsulates the cutting-edge in London and other cities for the week. Celebrity gossip features lively exposés on who was where and what they were doing, besides the wardrobe malfunction, if any, that may have followed them along. There is also an intelligent section, in Books, that dissects the world of fiction with one of the latest being the Margaret Atwood’s look at some of her literary world’s offerings. Also get a dose of sound, film and theater in the Music, Movies and Stage segments. In News, there is always a decisive story that is grabbing attention at the moment that the issue never fails to expose further. Thus, for the here and now, Now magazine, which is, appropriately enough, on the ever-happening world of online, is available on archival format.

Now magazine has gone digital and is offering readers with discounted subscriptions on several tech formats. Gasp at the latest celebrity shocker or latest big news happening for 59.99 Sterling Pounds worth of the last 51 issues, saving some 21%. Read Now magazine on iPad magazine subscription, Mac, PC, Android or iPhone subscription.

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