OK! Magazine iPad magazine & digital magazine subscription

OK magazine for iPad digital magazine subscriptionOK! Magazine for iPad Digital magazine subscription OK magazine is finally available for the iPad, in the all new digital format. OK MagazineCheck Digital Magazine Price UK GBP Sterling
Check Digital Magazine Price US Dollar doesn’t need any instruction at all, delivering you all the best celebrity gossip and news on all the A list stars. Giving you the inside scoop, exclusives and original photographs, as well as showing you the latest fashion trends and fads, best dressed, worst dressed, fitness and nutrition etc. Offering 51 Issues a year, with currently 83% off the cover price. Now available as an Android Magazine Subscription too.

OK magazine is available as a digital subscription for iPad, Android, MAC and PC as well as Android, Windows 7, RIM, Web OS, iOS and AIR.


I'm a little obsessed about magazines... as you might be able to tell!
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