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Paleo Digital, Ipad, Android SubscriptionCheck Digital Magazine Price US DollarPaleo Magazine is Check Digital Magazine Price UK GBP Sterlingall about living the Paleo lifestyle, committed to providing its readers the necessary implements and information to guide them in living the Paleo lifestyle and attain that desired health and well-being. The people behind the magazine works hand-in-hand with other leaders of the Paleo movement dedicated to promulgating information related to this practical way of leading an energetic and healthy lifestyle.

In 2011, the publication was set up by Cain Credicott, who had adapted the Paleo lifestyle, with which he was able to bounce back from his failing health which was caused by Celiac disease and other food allergies.

With that, expect to come across tons of information on Paleo daily living, exercise, diet, recipes, rearing kids the Paleo way, product reviews, up-to-date research and so much more in an issue of this magazine that is released every other month. You will also come across inspiring accounts and interviews with people who has been leading this lifestyle.

If you are into or considering living the Paleo way of life, then this publication is a must-have as it is the first and only mag that is solely devoted to this ancient lifestyle and health.

Paleo MagazineĀ is digitally available and can be downloaded using various platforms including iPad, Android, Mac and PC. Subscribe to the digital magazine and save 16% off the Newsstand Price.

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