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PC Format Digital, Ipad, Android SubscriptionCheck Digital Magazine Price UK GBP SterlingPC Format is the go-to Check Digital Magazine Price US Dollarmagazine for PC gamers and hardware nuts. Every issue is loaded with the state-of-the-art developments in graphics cards, motherboards, memory, processors, SSDs, and complete systems. It also provide its readers guides on tweaking, overclocking, system building, system modding and PC repair. Readers will be delighted to find the supplement that comes with each issue, which focuses on particular specialties, such as 3D entertainment and extreme mobile gaming. The publication creates web packs that match the main features, linking to the finest free software and demos on the publication’s official site.

The latest issue features Gaming Rig Superstars that range between £630 performance PCs to £2,300 Titan-powered behemoths. Other features are: Size Matters, which is all about everything you need to know about big screens; Reuse, Recycle or Resell?, which helps PC owners decide on what to do with their old kit; and GDC 2013: Show Report, which talks about San Fran’s Games Developer Conference. Some of the hardware reviews covered in this issue are: Sapphire HD 7790/Asus GTX 650 Ti Boost; Gigabyte U2442F; Vibox Power FX; DinoPC Titanosaurus Rex; Roccat Isku FX, ThermalTake A31 Chaser, Transcend Wi-Fi SD Card/Edimax Wireless AC Adapter AC-1200, and so much more. The Gaming section covers Thief, Bioshock Infinite, Defiance, Cities in Motion 2, and more.

Published 13 issues a year, PC Format is digitally available and can be downloaded to various platforms, including PC, Android, iPad and Mac.

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