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PC format magazine ipad and digital magazine subscriptionPC Format iPad Magazine and Digital Magazine Subscription – PC Format is a digitized computing magazine published 13 times per year inCheck Digital Magazine Price UK GBP SterlingCheck Digital Magazine Price US Dollar the UK. It always includes tons of articles about computer games, PC hardware, entertainment and how to get the most out of your computer. This digital mag is considered to be a lifestyle magazine as well as a computing one. PC Format prides itself on providing unbiased reviews and typically covers about four games in depth per issue. However, the bulk of this digital magazine’s content is game previews and reviews, software and hardware reviews, computing news, tutorials and a technical help section. It also includes investigative features on the computing culture as a whole. PC Format covers both games (in the “PLAY” section) and performance hardware (in the “WIRED” section). There is a lot of emphasis on overclocking and modding in its articles, which goes hand in hand with today’s gaming focus. You’ll also gain access to free software and demos through links in your digital magazine subscription. Rebuild or repair PCs, check out the newest motherboards, graphics, memory options and processors, be the first to find out about great deals and more every month in PC Format.


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