PC Gamer iPad Magazine Subscription for iPad, Android, Mac and PC

PC Gamer (US Edition), DigitalCheck Digital Magazine Price US DollarCheck Digital Magazine Price UK GBP SterlingPC Gamer has always been the definitive publication for shooting games and Multi-player games’ enthusiasts for its epic portrayal of the most exciting pastimes of the Internet and portable media generation. The fun does not stop after just reading the entertainment part, for there are tech sections that provide the best stats on the newest hardware to get hands on for gaming. Needless to say, PC Gamer takes charge of the most accessible gaming console on earth, that of the personal computer itself. There are also strategy tips that rub off handy in a real gaming table, from some of the pros of the featured single person or MMO engagements. There are also insider reviews of the news surrounding a game, including information from private developers of software. Do-it-yourselfers also get a page all to themselves offering how-to tips that can help them strategize on winning stances. PC Gamer is now online in full scale with a treasure trove of information dating back to the beginnings of the journal, in an archive teeming with videos, graphics and 3D images, reviews and portable media specifications.

PC Gamer is a digital offering with a discounted subscription of its own. It is now possible to save 83% off the standard price from any of the issues that are available now. Use the PC magazine subscription service, or alternatively synchronize Mac, Android, iPhone and iPad magazine subscriptions.

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