Play Digital, Ipad, Android Subscription

Play Digital, Ipad, Android SubscriptionCheck Digital Magazine Price UK GBP SterlingPlay is designed to Check Digital Magazine Price US Dollarcater to the voracious appetite of PlayStation junkies for information, updates and reviews on anything related to PlayStation. Its reviews are well-known to be straightforward, carving a name for Play in the world of PlayStation gaming. The publication is also legendary for its ability to secure the most legendary and monumental game exclusives as well as for its top-notch video games reporting. For these reasons, the magazine has time and again outplayed and outlived all its competitors, making it the video gaming publication nonpareil. No wonder it is considered the foremost independent PlayStation magazine in UK!

The video gaming publication puts the spotlight on PlayStation 3 gaming, playing up all the great PS3 reports there is. At the same time, it also gives out cheeky and insightful observations of anything and everything PlayStation.

Founded in 1995, Play keeps the gaming spirit alive up to today and is now digitally available. It can be digitally downloaded using various platforms including iPad, Mac, Android and PC. Digitally subscribe today and take advantage of the 15% savings off the Newsstand price. Kindly note, however, that the cover mount add-ons which are included in printed versions cannot be obtained by buying the digital form of the magazine.

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