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powderhound skiing magazine subscriptionPowderhound Skiing Magazine for iPad & Powderhound Digital Magazine Subscription. Skiing is all about feeling. You can’t see or smellCheck Digital Magazine Price UK GBP Sterling
Check Digital Magazine Price US Dollar mountain air, but you can feel it. When skiing on powder, you spend most of the time blind. The snow covers your face as you sink in turn after turn, so you have to rely on your feelings to direct you. Snow has no taste or smell, but as soon as you touch it, you know without a doubt what it is.
Skiing can cause great feelings of happiness. Those feelings are what Powderhound magazine represents. As Australia’s leading free-skiing magazine, this magazine appeals to a large spectrum of skiers; everybody from those that ski half pipes to those that ski groomed runs will find their niche in Powderhound. Read interviews, get product reviews, check out gear guides, discover new places to ski and much more!

Inside each issue you’ll learn about and follow great skiers such as Russ Henshaw, Anna Segal, Sean Pettit, Janina Kuzman, Nat Segal and Jesse Houghton. Start your digital magazine subscription to Powderhound today and save money off the newsstand cost. This single, digital issue is viewable on a Mac, PC, iPad and Android.

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