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practical hydroponics ipad magazine digital downloadPractical Hydroponics & Greenhouses Magazine iPad & Digital Magazine Subscription and download, for iPad, Mac, PC and Android Check Digital Magazine Price UK GBP Sterling
Check Digital Magazine Price US Dollardevices. Since its first publication, Practical Hydroponics and Greenhouses magazine has been considered a primary source of information for hydroponic and greenhouse growers. This award winning magazine will keep you up to date on current industry news, up and coming products and the latest research and development in the field. You’ll also read numerous profiles about the soilless culture, greenhouse enterprises, and growers like you from around the world. This magazine is dedicated to horticulturists, industry consultants, equipment suppliers, commercial hydroponic and greenhouse growers, researchers, educators and students. Whether you are just starting out or are an expert in the field, Practical Hydroponics and Greenhouses is sure to contain something of interest for you. Inside each issue you’ll read informative articles such as “LED Light Requirements,” “Greenhouses—A fruit-fly free zone,” “Humidification—Tools for lowering humidity,” “New Predatory Mites,” “Aquaponics in New Zealand—Comparing growing systems,” “Cost Effective Microfiltration,” “Urban Farming in Tokyo,” “Colombian Carnations” and “Creating the Oasis.”

Grow better, grow smart, grow hydroponically. Start your digital magazine subscription to Practical Hydroponics and Greenhouses today and save 33% off the newsstand price. This subscription consists of 6 digital issues, all of which are viewable on your PC, Mac, Android and iPad.

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