Pro Wrestling Illustrated Digital Magazine iPad Subscription

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Pro Wrestling Illustrated ipad magazine subscriptionFans of pro wrestling will be excited to learn that the sport’s most popular publication, Pro Wrestling Illustrated, is now available as aCheck Digital Magazine Price UK GBP Sterling
Check Digital Magazine Price US Dollar digital magazine subscription. For a whopping 33% off the newsstand price you can receive nine issues digitally downloaded directly to your PC, Android, Mac or iPad.Since 1979 Pro Wrestling Illustrated has been providing fans with unbiased coverage of all the main promotions, in depth analysis of fights and wrestlers, achievement awards and much more. These digital editions also come with extras such as video links!You’ll find yourself looking forward to the annual awards at the end of each season as well as monthly rankings of singles and tag teams. As a subscription holder, you’ll even have a chance to vote on the winners for the year end awards!

Now you can start learning about the rivalries in the ring and behind the scenes with Pro Wrestling Illustrated. Make sure you don’t miss the end of the year top 500 professional wrestlers list with categories such as Match of the Year, Wrestler of the Year and Feud of the Year. Along with all this great info you’ll also see the best of the best action photography. It’ll feel like you’ve brought the ring right into your own living room!

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