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Pro Wrestling Magazine iPad and Digital SubscriptionPro Wrestling Illustrated & The Wrestler – Inside Wrestling Magazine – Sweat glistening off muscled arms. Inhuman grunts and inaudible threats:Check Digital Magazine Price UK GBP SterlingCheck Digital Magazine Price US Dollar the sound of a bell, the scream of the crowd and the thud of bodies smacking the mat. There are few sports as physically demanding and theatrical as wrestling. Whether you’re a fan of the Rock or an old school groupie of Hulk Hogans or whether you prefer the regular down and dirty wrestlers, you’ll find it all covered in Pro Wrestling Illustrated.

As a newsstand regular for over 40 years, Pro Wrestling Illustrated makes sure they provide unbiased coverage of every major event. You won’t miss the details of any match with this magazine. With six editions, one edition released every other month; you’ll find detailed match descriptions, insider’s guides to pro wrestlers, flashy photography and analysis of current players and tournaments.

You won’t be bored with Pro Wrestling Illustrated. One of the magazine’s goals is to provide entertaining and accurate reports. As a well-known source in the wrestling world, the magazine’s annual awards are a coveted prize by many professional wrestlers. Each year the magazine awards wrestler of the year, match of the year and many others. Their top 500 list is heavily relied on among competitors and fans alike. This magazine is trusted in the industry as a professional source of accurate information.

Pro Wrestling Illustrated is available via magazine and downloads to your computer, Android phone and iPad. With the digital download you can take your magazine with you anywhere from the gym to the poker party.

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