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real people magazine ipad digital magazine subscriptionReal People iPad Magazine & Digital Magazine Subscription – If the sounds of stories like, “Throttled! But my ciggie saved me,” “My SupersizeCheck Digital Magazine Price UK GBP SterlingCheck Digital Magazine Price US Dollar Bum is Killing Me,” “Tooth Fairy Made Mummy See Again,” “Ouch! In Labour on my Driving Test,” “Help! Dad Wants to be a Page 3 Girl!” and“Tortured for my Facebook Password” enthrall you, then Real People magazine is right up your alley! With a digital magazine subscription, you’ll get new digital issues downloaded to the device of your choice every week. You never again have to wonder what happened to the woman whose face was melted by her hubby’s jilted lovers or how the story of the lady whose brain burst after a four hour honeymoon ends. The sensational, the touching, the hilarious and the wacky are all here in Real People magazine. Along with the real life stories you’ll also have chances to win prizes and receive helpful advice on health and beauty. But let’s face it, readers mostly come for the stories! You can’t pass up reading stories like “My Hubbie’s Bum is in Hibernation” and “My Baby’s Back from the Dead.” Get your digital magazine subscription now and you’ll be able to look forward to hundreds more amazing and outlandish Real People stories each week!

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