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Redbook Digital MagazineRedbook is a monthly magazine aimed toward women that would like to enjoy their life to the fullest while check-price-sterlingalso balancing check-price-dollaradult responsibilities and an adult budget. Redbook is a well-rounded publication that focuses on all lifestyle aspects. Health topics include stress management, dieting tips, and ways to improve your mind. Redbook also includes beauty advice such as how to stay youthful, the best clothes for a certain occasion or body shape, and the latest on makeup and body product trends. Other articles feature topics such as ways to spice up your sex life, fun and innovative recipes for different occasions, as well as how to handle everyday life situations and challenges such as conflicts at work and first time motherhood. Inspirational female celebrities regularly appear in Redbook, and these interviews and features often touch on ways they find entertainment or deal with issues in their own lives. Some of the women that have appeared in Redbook include Kristen Bell, Pink, Ivanka Trump, and Salma Hayek. Redbook understands that while style, health, and entertainment are important parts of a woman’s life, we also have to stay mindful of our budget and daily responsibilities. Therefore, the magazine is full of money saving ideas on everything from clothes shopping to restaurants to ways of saving on beauty products without sacrificing your look.

Redbook is ideal for well-rounded women who are looking for the perfect balance between what they have to do and what they want to do. Digital copies are available now.

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