S.W.A.T Magazine iPad & Digital Subscription

SWAT Magazine iPad and Digital SubscriptionIf your idea of a relaxing day includes bullets, targets and a loaded weapon you’ll enjoy S.W.A.T magazine. Everyone involved at thisCheck Digital Magazine Price UK GBP SterlingCheck Digital Magazine Price US Dollar magazine from the publisher down to the staff writers have either been involved in law enforcement, trainers and serious shooters. You’ll find everything in this magazine from the newest on weapons technology to current gun laws and civil liberties. S.W.A.T takes a firm stance on gun rights and doesn’t hesitate to express their opinion. Their goal of the magazine is provide information that keeps both the cops and the regular guy on the street safe.

If you’re worried about the apocalypse, you can find a feature here that will help you create the best possible bunker for you and your family. Maybe you are more interested in long range shooting or the type of training learning in military training? You’ll find that here too. Be sure to look for gun reviews and tests. Each issue features testing and reviews of new guns, sometimes taking them to a head-to-head battle to see which gun gets better results. Reviews often include the newest in knives as well.

With over 30 years on the newsstand S.W.A.T is a reliable source for all thing gun and ammo related. And you won’t only find articles about shooting here. You can learn about wilderness survival and self-defense techniques. From medical skills to bar fights the variety of topics covered in the magazine you’ll find something that’s up your alley.

With 12 issues per year you can subscribe the magazine via mail or via download. The digital version of the magazine is available on your computer, Android phone and iPad. You’ll be able to keep track of everything that’s new and learn new skills on the go.


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