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science illustrated ipad magazine digital ipad magazine subscriptionScience Illustrated magazine iPad – Digital magazine subscription and download. Are you intellectually curious? Are you interested in scienceCheck Digital Magazine Price UK GBP Sterling
Check Digital Magazine Price US Dollar and the natural world around you? Then Science Illustrated is the right magazine for you! This bi-monthly publication is a gateway into the science and discoveries made around the world. With its amazing photography, and topics ranging from atoms to outer space, you are guaranteed to learn something when reading this magazine.

Launched in December of 2007, Science Illustrated began putting science within reach. This magazine will educate, amaze and entertain the whole family. With its down to earth descriptions of elaborate theories and concepts, everyone will be able to take something away after reading.

Examples of articles include “Solar Power– What Violent Events on the Sun Mean for the Earth’s Climate,” “Dream Control– How to Tame Nightmares with Videogames,” and “Extreme Laboratories—The Most Fascinating Science Outposts.” Whether you are an armchair scientist who wants a good-looking science magazine, a teacher who wants to share this magazine and its contents with your class, or a working physicist, this magazine will not disappoint!

Open your eyes to the miraculous world around you today with a digital magazine subscription to Science Illustrated. At 37% off the cover price, this is a real steal. The digital format is viewable on PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad and Android.

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