SFX iPad Magazine Subscription for iPad, Android, Mac and PC

SFX Digital MagazineCheck Digital Magazine Price UK GBP SterlingMidway thCheck Digital Magazine Price US Dollarrough the 1990s, a magazine came up that would spice up the genre of science fiction. The magazine was SFX, which interestingly enough has left the ‘X’ of the title to the aliens to decipher, for the exe does not abbreviate anything in particular. Still, the greatest journal of building virtual worlds, reviewing films, novels, and other works of the imagination that feature sci-fi as their lead, continues to succor science fiction geeks’ curiosity amazingly well. Whether it is a story that is about to come out, the journal grabs it first and presages it for the reader. Whether it is the latest version of Star Wars, it picks the plotline for the audience. With a circulation that averages around 31, 327(taking 2008 figures), the publication rolls out after each one month. The online version of SFX can now present sci-fi digest in form of images, writ and video. Interestingly enough, the most faithful reader who has managed to follow the exploits of the magazine since 1995, can still find David Langford’s section still kicking all those years!

SFX will transfix you now in a brave new world in its new digital version with a discounted subscription. The digital edition shelves 28% off standard prices, with 13 past editions coming at an aggregate 28 Sterling Pounds. Read it on an iPhone, Mac magazine subscription, Android format, PC or iPad subscription.

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