Skin Shots Magazine iPad and Digital Subscription

skin shots magazine ipad and digital magazine subscriptionSkin Shots iPad Magazine and Digital Edition & Subscription – Purchase your digital magazine subscription to Skin Shots InternationalCheck Digital Magazine Price UK GBP SterlingCheck Digital Magazine Price US Dollar today and begin receiving this amazing reference guide to tattoos around the world every other month. Each issue contains more than 950 tattoos and studio listings including pieces in the following categories: portraits, big stuff, chest pieces, back pieces, flowers, flash, new old skool, color, tattoo freeze, flying things, hands and feet, school daze, swimming things, sleeves and legs, editor’s choice, skulls and bones, nature’s finest, back in black and mondo bizarro. Along with the hundreds of inked up pictures you’ll also gain access to studio listings and tattoo convention and event info. Each digital issue of Skin Shots International brings you the best tattoos from around the globe so you can see what’s hot in Japan, Africa, Russia and more. Track down the best artists to do your next piece, ogle the sexy tatted up chicks, laugh at the weird ink some people mark their bodies with or just get ideas and inspiration from the incredible collections found inside Skin Shots International.

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