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spin magazine ipad digital subscriptionSpin magazine is one of the leading magazines in the ‘modern musical landscape’ – providing excellent reporting and interesting interviews,Check Digital Magazine Price UK GBP SterlingCheck Digital Magazine Price US Dollar always with a ‘discerning critical ear’. Behind the scenes, upcoming news, stuff you should know about, places to be, new bands to go check out or just the best places to hear new music – Spin magazine iPad edition has it all! Some recent articles include – “36 Hours – we follow 19 year old Charli XCX around in her first year in the US”, “Inquisition – Lars Ulrich invites…. “, “Geek Show – Bioshock Infinite blends retro fantasy with hot button political reality, but you can also blow stuff up”, “Words of Wisdom – Garbage’s Shirley Manson returns after seven years with a couple of things she would like to get off her chest”, “Listening In – Aaron Paul’s taste in music is nothing like hi Breaking Bad alter egos’s, that’s probably a good thing”, “In My Room – Insane Clown Posse’s Violent J gives a tour of the house the Juggalos built”, “Wide Angle – Ice-T’s and Lutehr Cambell’s journeys from scourges of society to establishment darlings are made explicit via two very different documentaries”

Spin Magazine Digital Edition is currently available for iPad, iPhone, Android, AIR, IOS, Windows 7, Web OS and RIM and most other devices.


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