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the cut ipad digital magazine subscriptionThe CUT Magazine iPad & Digital Magazine Subscription and download for iPad, Mac, Pc and Android. New Zealand is passionateCheck Digital Magazine Price UK GBP Sterling
Check Digital Magazine Price US Dollar about their golf. And now you can be too with The CUT, New Zealand’s leading golf magazine. Since launching in August of 1999, this magazine has won numerous awards. Its main focus is golf news, equipment, features, interviews and tips. It also covers lifestyle topics such as golf related fashion and travel. With a section on women’s golf, this magazine covers all the bases, or should we say holes? Contributors include experienced golfers and broadcasters including Peter Williams, Brendan Telfer, and Tiger Woods’ caddie, Steve Williams. Marc Hinton, an award-winning journalist, rounds off this cast of star writers.

Released twice per month, The CUT will keep you up to date on what clubs to use, what courses you will want to check out, local and international event results, and even what you should be wearing. Don’t be out of the loop—order The CUT today and keep current on the most recent trends and developments in this sport.

At 44% off the cover price, the digital magazine subscription is a great deal. Each subscription consists of 6 bi-monthly issues. The digital magazine subscription edition is available in the following formats: PC, mac, iPad magazine subscriptions or Android magazine subscriptions.


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