The Economist May 25 Digital Magazine

The Economist May 25 Digital MagazineIn the latest issue of The Economist United Kingdom, find out why the state of Europe’s leadership may lead Check Digital Magazine Price UK GBP Sterlingto disaster. Also in this Check Digital Magazine Price US Dollarissue, opinion pieces on how Obama can recover his second term and why defense offsets are not a wise move. Plus find coverage on topless feminist protesters, China’s tumultuous west, and the Woolwich murder. Discover conditions in Burma with The Economist’s special report on Myanmar. How has Myanmar’s turn to democracy affected Burmese culture, business, and international relations? Richard Cockett speculates on the ethnic division in the area and why a speedy solution to the problem is so important. Get indispensable information on local and international politics with this latest issue of The Economist available now.

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