The Explorers Journal Magazine iPad Digital Subscription

The Explorers Journal Magazine iPad and Digital SubscriptionFrom the jungle to the desert to the ocean and outer space the explorer’s journal offers an inside look at the minds and adventures of today’sCheck Digital Magazine Price UK GBP SterlingCheck Digital Magazine Price US Dollar explorers. Created by the Explorer’s Club, which was created in 1904 to promote any means of exploration, The Explorer’s Journal provides a unique look at the world. If you enjoy adventure and studying the latest discoveries, you’ll love the Explorer’s Journal. Each issue is filled with first-hand accounts and records of the latest exploits around the globe. The members of the Explorer’s Club and contributors to the magazine are leading explorers in archaeology, mountaineering and oceanography, archaeology and planetary and environmental sciences.

You can expect real, accurate adventures from people truly living it. With over 3,000 club members exploring the globe, you’ll have access to a variety of explorations. Each issue also features first-hand photos from the explorer’s themselves. From five-star hotels in exotic locations to tent dwelling and unique cuisine from around the world you’ll read about all the different parts of world exploration.

The Explorers Journal is produced using wind-energy produced paper with vegetable inks and the club minimizes their carbon footprint using recycling and other techniques to leave as little waste as possible. Published seasonally, you can have access to the latest in recent discoveries via print or download to your computer, Android phone or iPad. You can take your digital copy with your wherever you go and keep adventure at your fingertips.


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